Reenie Marx - Photo Art - Illuminations [Description]

Illuminations [Description]

For many years I dreamt about hanging my images in windows so that light could pass through them. I longed to create the same luminous effect that I see when looking at my photos on the computer screen. However, it took more than 5 years for me to make the right connections. Finally, last spring I began working with a printer in Montreal who understood what I wanted: something that could be hung in a window, had the same high resolution as my fine art paper and canvas prints, but was also light weight, affordable, and could be reproduced consistently. The final result is the culmination of at least 4 different trial and error experiments.

"Illuminations" are printed on high quality acrylic on large machines capable of printing on rigid surfaces. They are "translucent" which permits the light to pass through while hiding what is outside the window. They have the same deep, rich colours as the images on my website and prints.

The shiny surface of the acrylic is somewhat delicate and can be scratched, so one must handle with care when hanging them in the window. To clean off finger prints, you can use a soft cloth and gentle eyeglass cleaner on the shiny, unprinted side.

Almost any one of my photos can be reproduced on acrylic, however, those with a great deal of white are not suited to this medium. They can be made to fit larger or smaller windows and because the image shows on both sides, they are also suitable to put on doors. To inquire further, or place an order, please email me at, or call 514-209-2059.